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  • Letter to Jesus

    By elisha 5 | March 31, 2009


    “To Encourage the Discouraged”

      LORD, like Moses I was ready to say:

        “Please send someone else.”

          When you first called me.

          I was not ready. Until you showed me the vision of your undercover prayer warriors.

          Again in another scene you showed me the vision of Paul and how he took your Word all over the then known world … as a missionary.

          In yet another vision, You delivered the prayer “bullets” and sequence on a white sheet of paper and ushered me into the company of your prayer eagles.

          So far, Lord, I have taken your work to your people in 117 countries of the world.

          Through the Internet alone.

          I am not flaunting myself but I’ve lifted You up every step of the way.

          No one knows what I look like. Thousands are still wondering whether I am a man or a woman.

          My photograph is not on the site. This is because I want the focus to be on you and you alone.

          Dear Lord, as you have said: “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.”

          According to your word, draw men and women you have destined to benefit from this online ministry … unto Yourself.

          There are over 1500 testimonies recorded so far on this site. I pray that as many as are discouraged and you lead them here that you will …

          “Bless them and manifest your glory in their lives. Reveal the Father to them. Draw them closer to You. As many as are on the verge of despair, Lord, encourage and comfort them by your Spirit. Lay your hand of healing upon every area of their lives, in Your name I pray. AMEN.”

          On the other hand…

            As many as will come to this site for evil purpose, O Lord, show yourself as the Man of War. And according to your word, when you fall on anyone, they will be crushed to powder. And anyone that falls on you shall be broken to pieces.

              I have given out the FIRST book I’ve written as a FREE ebook. While I’m selling the others to help advance your work, without resorting to begging.

              I know some of your children still cannot afford a few of the ebooks. I pray that you use the free book “Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ” and the free weekly newsletters to bless them all.

              Finally, FATHER, I pray for OUR PARTNERS, those whose hearts You have touched by Your Holy Spirit to support this ministry. Even when I have never asked, You have spoken to their hearts and they have obeyed Your voice by sending in a portion of their tithes, offerings and gifts monthly to help keep the sites and blogs running.

                “O Great Provider, even as You provided a sacrificial lamb for Abraham after he’d willingly given You his best, I pray that You will provide them with all their needs according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

                  I pray that YOU who supply seed to the sower, and bread for food, will supply and multiply the seed they have sown and increase the fruits of their righteousness in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

                      elisha goodman

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